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The Volcano Piton de La Fournaise and the South Coast

Saturday 12 July – full day optional excursion (60 EUR)

  • Departure: early morning, return to hotels by 18:00
  • Lunch including coffee (drinks : 1 pint of wine for 4 persons) in Cap Méchant or St. Rose
  • The weather up there is unpredictable so plan on warm clothing and a sufficient quantity of water.

The authentic side of Reunion Island
The Heights of this region are exceptionally beautiful. You discover the Plains region by driving along the RN3 past the flowered slopes of Tampon and passing through the broom and arum lily moor land of the Plaine-des-Cafres and the desert volcano country with the verdant décor of the Plaine-des-Palmistes. Tampon offers all types of countryside and all climates.

The most astonishing viewpoint is at Plaine-des-Sables, a vast extent of red and black scoria, almost a lunar landscape; once again, Reunion shows that it isn’t a typical tropical island. After crossing the Plaine-des-Sables, you climb back up amongst old craters of twisted shapes.

The natural access to the volcano passes by Plain-des-Cafres. One will have already crossed the immense Plaine-des-Sables, where one suddenly has the impression of playing Tintin in “We walked on the moon”! One will also pause at Nez-de-Boeuf to admire the Rempart river gorges or, further on, the Commerson crater. At Pas-de-Bellecombe, the panorama’ beauty and size is breathtaking.

Participants based in St. Denis have lunch at the famous Cap Méchant and follow the whole of the Saint-Philippe coastline, a huge cliff face mercilessly pounded by the sea, back to St. Denis. Participants based in St. Gilles have lunch in St. Rose and follow the volcanic landscape and lava flows back to their hotels.